Should you use Portable or Fivetran for ELT (Extract, Load, Transform)?

We've outlined the key considerations for comparing the two solutions below. For a more in depth framework, check out our blog post on How to Choose the Right ELT tool.

Databases vs. Business Applications. Fivetran is great for change data capture (low latency, high throughput, data movement from one database to another). They even bought HVR to double down on solving the problem. Portable focuses on no-code connectors from business applications - CRM systems, ESPs, eCommerce platforms, HR systems, etc. - to your data warehouse. In many scenarios, clients will use Fivetran for database syncing, and use Portable for no-code connectors to medium- and long-tail business applications.

Agile Customer Support. Don't get me wrong, Fivetran is known for reliability, they've been around for 10+ years. But as a team grows, it's easy for clients to wait in backlogs, or get handed from one support person to another. Portable is known for agility, speed, and hands-on support. The same team at Portable that helps you go live, will troubleshoot issues, and ensure you can get access to new data sources as you need them. We focus on great customer experiences, and want our best minds working directly with you, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Long Tail ELT Connectors. Fivetran has a directory of out-of-the-box connectors and they've prioritized the same systems as every other ELT vendor. When you need to dive deep into a business problem (customer churn, employee retention, etc.), you need data from bespoke business applications. That's where Portable shines. As the data ecosystem moves towards operational analytics, and warehouse centric process automation, the only way to truly operationalize your data warehouse is to have all of your business applications connected for analytics - not just your product database and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Innovation & Urgency. We want to help you innovate. You shouldn't have to pick from an off-the-shelf catalog of connectors to decide whether or not to build a dashboard (but if you do, we do already have 200+ to choose from). Instead, you need a partner that can help you connect to new systems as they appear. A partner that will urgently work with you as schemas change, and business requirements evolve.

Portable turns products into connected solutions. Teams combine our no-code integrations with existing products and services to power analytics and automate workflows. We load data from 200+ business applications into data warehouses, so you can focus on insights.

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