Should you use Fivetran or Airbyte for ELT (Extract, Load, Transform)?

We've outlined the key considerations for comparing the two solutions below. For a more in depth framework, check out our blog post on How to Choose the Right ELT tool.

Cloud Hosted vs. Open Source. One of the most notable differences between Fivetran and Airbyte is that Fivetran is a cloud-hosted SaaS solution, while Airbyte is primarily open source. If you want a hands-on sales and support team, integrations you don't have to think about, and zero infrastructure, check out Fivetran. If you want to deploy integrations in your own cloud environment or on-prem, take a look at Airbyte's open source repository.

Depth vs. Breadth. Fivetran is focused on the largest data sources - Databases, CRM systems, HRIS systems, etc. For each data source, they focus on pulling as much data into a normalized schema as possible. Airbyte has spread their resources across both large connectors and long tail connectors. They have said that they plan to have the open source ecosystem build and maintain the long-tail (not our approach), but if you want to build your own connector, Airbyte provides more out of the box structure than Fivetran.

Enterprise vs. Engineers. Fivetran is primarily focused on selling to large enterprises. It's why they focus on change data capture from the largest data sources, it's why they bought HVR, and it's their position in the market. Airbyte is focused on providing flexibility to engineers. They provide flexibility (via code and protocols) for engineers to develop and maintain integrations.

What are your other options?

Check out our comparison between Portable and Fivetran and our comparison between Portable and Airbyte.

Portable is the first ELT platform to build connectors on-demand for data teams. We believe companies should have data from every business application at their fingertips - all with no code. We have more no-code ELT connectors than both Fivetran and Airbyte (230 and counting).

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